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Your high-quality king size rolling papers comes in a box with carton tips, are made with environmentally friendly materials and endless customization options, start now!


.Paper size: 76x44 or 108x53 mm

.Quantity: 32 Papers + 32 Carton Tips for box

.Paper materials options: rice, unbleached, hemp, coloured
.Tips materials: unbleached, coloured, rainbow
.Finish/Embellishment from 1200 units: matte,glossy, soft touch, matte+glossy, soft touch+glossy, silver, gold, holographic, metallic (effects like holographic and metalic are availables from 9.600 units)
.Processing time: 20 days


Design is included for this product, you must to send us your logo and we will adapt it at the box.

Papers King Size + Filters


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