Need quick packing and want to save design money? Ready made mylar bags are the best solution! With a sticker pre-applied, you can choose between a lot of different designs. Available of 1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g and 50g.


Printed with the highest quality available our labels for mylar bags are available in glossy or matte, you choose!



Ready Made Mylar Sticker Bags

PriceFrom €15.00
  • Ours ready made mylar bags are the quick solution for long and stylish storage of your product, equipped with hermetic closure and manufactured with the best materials. 

    They are equipped with a front sticker attached with millimeter precision. The back can be left transparent or silver (black if the bag is standar).  

    The 1g and the 3.5 standar bags are not "stand up".

    The capacity of the envelope is absolutely approximative, depending on the characteristics of the product.